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Forgotten to book your MOT?

If your vehicle is due its MOT, then our qualified mechanics can handle it. We specialise in providing thorough and in-depth MOTs for a range of different vehicles, and all of our MOT testing is rigorous and thorough to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy.


Need an MOT organised as soon as possible? Then get in contact with one of the team today to get it sorted.

Want to know what is tested?

With our MOT testing we ensure that every aspect of your vehicle is tested, from the brakes to the engine, and to make sure that they are safe and road legal so as not to cause a danger to you or your passengers.

We offer:

  • Full MOT testing

  • Class 3 MOTs

  • Class 4 MOTs

  • MOT repairs


Got to have your car MOT tested? Call us on

01788 561 099

Did your vehicle fail its MOT?

If your vehicle has failed its MOT then we will provide you with a breakdown of the necessary repairs and replacement parts that need to be sorted before it can be back on the road. If you're happy we can then carry out the repairs.

Fitting a jubilee clip Diagnostic equipment Tightening bolts Adjusting engine mounting with spanner