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Has your vehicle got electrical problems?

Then don't suffer them for longer than you need to. We offer a diagnostic service for both cars and vans that can carry out a range of checks on all makes and models to discover what is wrong.


We specialise in vehicle diagnostics and will ensure that you always receive a high standard of service.

Need it repaired?

If your vehicle diagnostic service finds anything wrong, then we will be able to repair the broken part or replace it for you, without any hassle at all. To organise a vehicle diagnostic, get in contact today.

Our vehicle diagnostics include:

  • Engine management systems

  • Service lights

  • Air conditioning systems

  • Airbags

  • Electrical parts

  • Lighting

  • Full diagnostic service

  • Cars and vans can be checked

Worried about your airbags? Call us on

01788 561 099


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